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Fans Reviews

Vito's Elvis  Presley made the cruise complete. Looks and sounds like the real deal !

I had the pleasure of listening to Vito on Celebration Cruise. You were amazing!! you need to get to Vegas!!  The Vocals & Energy were Amazing!!

TCB Great performance ! They are of the Top 3 bands in my mind, I just don't know who the other 2 are !

"Vito"  is Not only  a most Talented Singer / Entertainer, providing an array of music from all decades. He appeals to all age groups. I mostly appreciated his attention to the audience ! Vito was most friendly As a long time fan now, the man can sing!! 

Vito's band were excellent! We made it a point to be there when they performed ! They were so much fun to interact with, and had a great re-pore with the audience!

Their music and singing were exceptional! 

Vito All the best! Hope to see you again! Good luck on the Voice, Had a great time and a lot of fun with TCB!

the TCB band was unexpected surprise, the group is very talented the lead singer Vito is unbelievable!

Vito made our Elvis experience!  He would be the reason we would come back again!

Vito you are phenomenal! We enjoyed your voice, the band was very Precise, so extremely talented! Look out vegas, we would come again just to hear him sing!

Vito the singer as Frankie Valli Amazing !

I don't know anyone better ! Wow! 

Vito Elvis & Frankie Valli was great really enjoyed him!

Vito is phenominal, they work hard for their crowd ! The sound they produce is fantastic ! They are most enjoyable They added the magic to the night! Thank you!

You guys were awesome on the Cruise!! A special thanks from the bachelorette crew!

We enjoyed the band , Vito the singer has such a strong, talented voice. We loved the variety. His version of the Elvis is as Great as the King himself !! Thanks for such a great cruise.

Vito's Frankie Valli best entertainment on board the ship! Enjoyed his Tribute show ! He is 1st rate Class Act !

TCB Band are great ! so glad we went to see them, very Amazing Lively entertainment!

Vito's Voice is Golden & Amazing ! talent

Saw Vito in Vegas, Amazing ! Elvis & Frankie Tribute shows exceptional range in this guys voice! 



Vito's Elvis & Frankie Valli are exceptional !!

Vito did a wonderful Job! and my children enjoyed listening to them. They made us feel extra special  during and after the performance! Thank you!

TCB was incredible! we enjoyed their performances and look forward to seeing them again! Very talented and entertainment! Your rocked the house!

The band TCB was INCREDIBLE!!! They have AMAZING Talent!! I never wanted them to stop! They are so enjoyable! I wish I could take them home with me!

The entertainment of TCB Band was Great! We really enjoyed them and their music, they are most enjoyable !

Vito's Elvis band really rock the joint in Tampa was packed .. Wow !

The Elvis tribute entertainment was excellent !! Vito excellent singer

the songs sang are amazing as the original Elvis, took me back to the good old days ! Thank you! we will follow you.

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