News #1

The Voice TV Show


As some of our devoted fans know, Vito Ameruoso has embarked on a trip to audition for the hit tv show 'The Voice', on NBC. As I can only speak for myself, I can say this.. so much talent will always go undiscovered because of so little spots available! I stood among people waiting to sing for the cast that morning only to hear and see the hopefuls with their dreams and hand in pocket, waiting for a shot to impress the judges.  I can say, I always bring my best game to the forefront, I rocked and impressed them, I actually were asked to sing for the crowds, only to have them  join in the chorus of Bon Jovi's, 'Living On a Prayer. With the ever resinating chorus in Atlanta's great big convention center, I left our mark upon 'The Voice' and an impression with the crowds to last us all a lifetime! Yes, that just happened! Vito is auditioning on another season of tryouts for the Voice & will keep you posted on it's progress! Check back with me . Until then God Bless and Peace. Rock 'n Roll !

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News #2

Vito Ameruoso to Perform the Amway Center for NBA Orlando Magic 

Ameruoso Is proud to say he's among one of the VIP musicians to perform at the Amway center / Home of the Orlando Magic basketball team! He performs at Magics games & captivate the audience pre game, half time & post game with Elvis hit songs. He is a Huge hit in Orlando, a must see if your at the game! Oh but you must have a ticket to see Elvis Ameruoso at Amway Center.

News #3

Vito  Ameruoso Performs with Miami Symphony Orchestra 


Vito Ameruoso.. scheduled to sing and record with Miami Orchestra this Nov ! We will be doing some 60's cover songs, I am so very excited to have been chosen to sing with them, as I met the professor / conductor of Arts & Philosophy.. he was thrilled with my vocal arrangements when we first met.  Upon all of this excitement, I am now working on some of my original works & songs which I will present to the Orchestra for performing , stay tuned with more an this story later this year ! 

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News #4

Vito  Ameruoso in top 10 of National Singing Audition 


Vito Ameruoso..  Auditioned for a national singing competition this Sept. 2015, judged by Steve Perry ( of Journey) , John Legend & Celine Dion. Vito sang his version of Frankie Valli's "Can't Take my eyes of you" and placed in the top 10 runners up! Out of 22,400 other contestants across the nation, thats  an Honor to be ranked there among so much other talent in the world! We sometimes forget how big our world is , and there are thousands of hope full vocalist out there waiting to be discovered. Well I would love to take this moment on my site to congratulate all who entered and sang their hearts out ! I want to pass these words on to you from Mr. Wayne Dwyer.. he said success is not measured by levels of achievement,  but by the passion that is displayed by you, the performer.. & the reward is the gratification you receive from the fans you make smile. Thats your success! you may have just touched someones soul and changed their life ! Peace & Love, Vito